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Post  Lanuk on Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:37 am

1. No racism or sexism
2. Don't be TOO much of an a** in the server
3. Don't spam the chat/forums
4. Don't ask for spawned items, we are semi-vanilla
5. Don't spawn camp
6. If you are going to chop a tree, chop the WHOLE tree.
7. Don't leave random crafting tables/1x1 towers floating around
8. Don't exploit bugs, report them to us!
9. No hacking/mod usage! If you want to use a mod, ask us first!
10. No 1-person factions! They will be deleted!
11. Say "I love pigs" somewhere in your application or you will be denied!
12. Don't ask for ranks... you will get the opposite
13. No teleporting during battle! (If someone attacks you, you run away until they haven't hurt you for at least 10 seconds before teleporting/logging).
14. NO setting homes in other factions or putting lava at their spawn point!
15. Do not grief terrain or official structures made for the community by Lanuk! (If it is somehow possible).

Griefing and all IS allowed. Please read the Factions description below to find out how you can protect a village of your own and create a nice little faction. But remember, you must have 2+ members to do so! Razz Very Happy


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